2013-2015 Regulation of reproduction in higher termites (Termitidae)
Grant Agency of the Charles University in Prague; (GAUK) 580413
2013-2015 Biogenesis of (E)-1-nitropentadec-1-ene in soldiers of the termite genus Prorhinotermes
Czech Science Foundation (GAČR); 13-25137P
2013-2015 Evolutionary trends in chemical and mechanical defence in the termite subfamily Termitinae
Czech Science Foundation (GAČR); 13-25354P
2012-2014 Genetic structure of colonies, population genetics and social regulation of reproduction in humivorous termites from French Guiana rainforests
F.R.S. - FNRS, Fonds de la Recherche Fondamentale Collective; 2-4594-12
2012-2015 Chemo-enzymatická příprava antivirálních profarmak acyklických analogů nukleosidů
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic; M20055123
2014-2016 Reproductive regulation and fertility signalling in higher termites (Termitidae)
Czech Science Foundation (GAČR); 14-12774S
2015-2016 Facultative parthenogenesis as a part of reproductive strategies in higher termites
Grant Agency of the Charles University in Prague (GAUK); 358815
2014-2019 Identification and functional properties of novel enzymes involved in biochemical transformations of uncommon metabolites
Czech Academy of Sciences (postdoc support program)
2017-2019 Phylogenetic distribution and cytogenetic mechanisms of facultative parthenogenesis in higher termites
Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS-FNRS Mobility Plus program)
2018-2020 Mechanistic aspects of extended longevity of termite kings and queens
Czech Science Foundation (GAČR); 18-21200S